Welcome to the domain of geekyness known as Amusing Designs!

Amusing Designs was born out of a desire to utilize our skills and creativity to accent our passions for all things geek! Whether you love Sci-Fi or Steampunk, Cthulhu or Unicorns we have something for you! We specialize in creating geek themed products ranging from children’s clothing to custom dice bags. Please check back often for new products as we are constantly creating new things.

Game on and let us help you celebrate you in all your geeky glory, no matter what the theme! We can help you level up your gaming experiences with our unique products.

But who are the creative geniuses behind all of this madness?

The Mastermind (owner) – Heather

Heather has been a geek all of her life. From being a fantasy and science fiction reader as a tween; to eventually ruling the world via Dungeon Mastering/StoryTelling/GM’ing and playing in Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, White Wolf, LARP, and so many other systems. She has a deep love of anything creative and geeky and decided to take her MBA education to create a business that would let her be a business woman and a geek at the same time! Heather is the public face of the company, creates all of our dice bags from scratch, and keeps all the minions in line!

The Doctor, I mean Andrew

Andrew is the brains of the operation. He uses his super high Intelligence score to keep all of our computer and mechanical madness inline. While he does spend most of his time educating others as a professor, he still manages to help with production, web development and more importantly is a great support guy and listener. He brings a healthy does of reality to Heather’s madness as her husband for over seven years now.

Alton and Zelda – our beloved children

They not only test our kids line of clothing for us, they also test our sanity on a regular basis.


For more information about us and what we do please e-mail us at info@amusingdesigns.com